Message From Green Team

We are facing a Worldwide Pandemic. It is the first time that we discovered that our technology is not that advanced, because a small micro organism, like the CoronaVirus, defeated us. Many lives of innocent people were lost. People who had a dream that they wanted to accomplish, but they could not. But if we take one step back and take a breath we see some interesting opportunities for humanity.

  1. People Started spending time with their families. An opportunity that they did not have before.
  2. People who worked hard, started discovering new interests and hobbies.
  3. Solidarity is todays most common word. We leave from the Me and go to the We.
    • For example, playing music for our neighbors on our balconies, so we make them happy.
  4. We do not applaud for superstars, we applaud for doctors who are now taking care of us.
  5. The world will have changed once we resume back to our normal lives.